Rieger Cocktail Recipes

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Andrew Olsen

The Daisy cocktail family is most notably known by the infamous Margarita. This whiskey daisy riff adds in some preserves to help carry across the bright fruit flavor we would normally see from the use of dry curaçao in the classic format.

• 1 oz KC Whiskey

• ¾ oz fresh lemon juice

• ½ oz simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water)

• 2 tbsp fruit preserve (we use KC Canning Co Vanilla Bourbon Peach Preserve)

• 1 oz dry red wine float

Stir the preserve with the lemon juice at the bottom of a cocktail shaker until it dissolves. Add the KC whiskey and shake vigorously for 3-4 seconds. Strain into your cocktail glass, over new ice, and garnish with red wine floating across the top.

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