Rieger Cocktail Recipes

Royal Byers Punch

Ryan Maybee

Punches are fantastic for serving large groups. They are beautiful, elegant, layered with flavors, and deceptively potent. A great way to kick off a dinner party is with a bowl of punch. This recipe was created by J. Rieger & Co. Co-Founder Ryan Maybee and has become a tradition at his home with his family and neighbors, owners of the historic Byers Mansion. To learn more about the vast history of punch and plenty of recipes, read 'Punch: The Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl', by David Wondrich.

• 1 bottle Kansas City Whiskey

• 12 oz Rainwater Madeira

• *Oleosacchrum

• 6 oz lemon juice

• 24 oz mint green tea

• ½ cup cranberries

• 1 orange, sliced and studded w/ clove

*Oleosacchrum – combine the peels of 4 lemons with 6 oz granulated sugar. Evenly coat and let sit overnight. Combine with 6oz lemon juice and shake well to finally dissolve all sugar. Combine oleosacchrum with lemon juice, Whiskey, Madeira,  and green tea over large ice block. Add garnish.

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