Rieger Cocktail Recipes

Break Maiden #1

Andrew Olsen,

The use of KC Canning Co.'s blood orange ginger shrub brings a unique bracing tartness from its vinegar base. We compliment this tangy character with a lineup of flavors - gin, apple, tropical passion fruit.

• 1 oz Rieger's Gin

• 3/4 oz KC Canning Co Blood Orange Ginger Shrub

• 1/4 oz Passionfruit Liqueur (we use Giffard)

• 1/4 oz Simple syrup (1:1 Water to sugar)

• 3 oz Dry Cider (we use Austin Eastciders)

• Mint Sprig

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig.

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