Our distillery,
your whiskey.

We are proud to offer a unique opportunity to design, distill, barrel and bottle your very own Whiskey. Limited to six customers each year, our Private Barrel Program allows you to become a distiller for a day and walk away owning an entire barrel of a whiskey that you created.

How does it work? Just like it does every day when we distill.

You will work with our distilling team on selecting a custom grain bill. We can guide you through this process based on your desired flavor profile and style of whiskey you wish to create. Once your grain bill is determined, you’re invited to assist with the milling and mashing of your grains at our distillery. After a few days of fermentation, the fun part happens. Over approximately 8 hours, your custom whiskey mash will be distilled in our 750-gallon copper pot still, Sherry. Take part in as much or as little of this process as you want, learning about heads and tails cuts along with the science of distilling from our Head Distiller Nathan. At the end of the distillation, you will barrel your new make whiskey, customize the exterior of your barrel however you wish, and then add it to our Private Barrel Collection racks. As often as once a year, you’re welcome to come visit your barrel, pull a sample and taste with your friends, family, clients, etc. After no less than four years of letting your barrel age, your barrel will be bottled under your own private label. The longer you let it age, the more whiskey will be lost to the angel’s share, but the better it will get. You can expect a 5-year-old barrel to yield approximately 215 barrel strength bottles. Sound cool? Of course it does.

Private barrels begin at $12,500. For additional information and availability, send us an email and someone will contact you shortly:



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