Clean and smooth flavor. Full body and rich texture.

Our Premium Wheat Vodka is 100% wheat-based and conveys a clean and smooth flavor, as well as a full body and rich texture. Given a final distillation in our 750-gallon copper pot still, we are able to round out the spirit while giving it a full-body mouth feel.

375ml, 750ml, 1.75L
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Vodka is a modern day J. Rieger & Co. creation as the original distillery never produced vodka. Vodka was not a product widely consumed in the United States until the 1950s, about 30 years after we shut our doors due to Prohibition. We start with the highest quality wheat neutral grain spirit. While corn is the most common base for American made vodka, and potato or even rye is not uncommon, wheat gives us the cleanest flavor.

Using the techniques that he has learned from Dave Pickerell and Tom Nichol, our Head Distiller Nathan Perry then gives the wheat NGS a final distillation in our large copper pot still. This allows us to round out the texture of the spirit while preserving its naturally soft, sweet flavor. Our Premium Wheat Vodka is the perfect base for classic cocktails such as the Moscow Mule or Vodka Martini, while also serving as a blank canvas for new creative cocktails.


The little secret with vodka in our industry is that the vast majority of distilleries do not produce from grain! Being that vodka must be distilled to at or above 190 proof, there are few distillation systems that can achieve this in a cost-effective manner. Nearly every producer purchases 190 proof neutral grain spirit that is distilled from a number of different sources including wheat, potato, and corn. This spirit is merely a commodity and has uses for commercial, fuel, and beverage purposes. The true differentiating factor in the vodka you consume is what the distillery does after they receive the neutral grain spirit. While it is acceptable and common to simply cut the vodka down to proof and bottle it, we choose to take the more hands-on approach and redistill it in our copper pot still. During this process, we lose a decent percentage to the heads and tail cut, but gain a more focused spirit that has eliminated all of the nasty elements a vodka can carry (think of someone saying “this vodka tastes like it was distilled through a dirty sock”) and gain a clean flavor and smooth texture. We then carbon filter the resulting spirit to soften it even more.


Soft sweetness from the wheat, big round mouthfeel that can be attributed to the final distillation in sherry.
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