Due to the ongoing construction of our new Distillery building and renovation of our current space, we are unable to offer tours at this time.
We look forward to welcoming you into our new home June 2019!


How do you pronounce Rieger?

Ree - gur. If you’re saying Rye - grrr, technically you’re not correct, but as long as you’re drinking our booze we really don’t care.

Who designed your logo?

Someone that died a long time ago. We still use the same logo our distillery has used since 1887.

Where did “O! so good!” come from ?

It’s been the company slogan since 1887 and it’s cool and we’re never changing it.

Do you do tours or tastings?

Not right now. Our new distillery in under construction but as soon as it opens, we’d love to have you visit us! We promise it will be worth the wait.

When are you going to release your own Bourbon or Rye?

When it's ready.

Are you hiring?

Not right now. But we will post job openings here as they become available.

So what’s the distillery’s connection to the restaurant ‘The Rieger’?

We are two entirely separate businesses, both in physical location and ownership. The Rieger is a restaurant and we, J.Rieger & Co. are a distillery. We both share the historical Rieger name and we consider the restaurant a sister company.

Long story long, Jacob Rieger’s son, Alexander took over as President of J.Rieger & Co.in 1900 and built a hotel in 1915, creatively named the Rieger Hotel at 20th and Main in KC. Alexander sold the hotel building after closing the distillery in 1919 with Prohibition. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as “The Rieger Hotel”. When Chef Howard Hanna was starting a restaurant in the building(it is no longer a hotel) in 2010, he wanted to name his restaurant after the history of the building in which it is located, thus named his restaurant “The Rieger”.

In summary:
J.Rieger & Co.
That’s us. We are a distillery. We distill spirits.
Address: 2700 Guinotte Ave., Kansas City, MO 64120

The Rieger
Not us. A restaurant. They serve really good food and drinks. Go check them out!
Address: 1924 Main St.Kansas City, MO

My last name is Rieger, am I related to you?

Our particular Rieger family is incredibly small. The only living “Rieger”s that are direct decedents of the founder Jacob Rieger are the modern day J.Rieger & Co.co - founder Andy and his son. But if your last name is Rieger and you want to tell people it’s your booze, we don’t mind!

Can I buy your booze at the distillery?

Sure! You can also buy it at a whole lot of stores in more than 20 states. Check out our Spirits Finder to find a store near you.

Is it cheaper to buy your liquor at the distillery than at a store?


What kind of dog is Pepper the distillery dog?

Pepper is a rescue and is 100 % mutt! She does not actually live in the distillery, but goes to work every day with her parents. Please consider finding your new best friend at a local shelter.

Do you donate to charity?

Of course. Please fill out the Donation Form to submit your request.


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