Rieger Cocktail Recipes

Caffè Colada

Andrew Olsen

We created this riff on the classic Piña Colada by replacing the rum component with both our bitter-sweet Caffè Amaro and Kansas City Whiskey while remaining true to the cocktail’s origin with the remaining ingredients.

• ¾ oz Caffè Amaro

• ¾ oz KC Whiskey

• 1 ½ oz coconut cream (we use Coco Lopez)

• 1 oz pineapple juice

• 5 fresh pineapple chunks

• 2 cups of ice (crushed ice is preferred)

Add all of the ingredients to a blender and whir for about 30 seconds until smooth and frothy. Pour into a hurricane glass or any festive 12 oz glass. Garnish with a combination of an orange slice, pineapple fronds, pineapple slices, or cherry

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