Rieger Cocktail Recipes

French 75

As is the story with many classic cocktails, the French 75 and its predecessors give us a little carte blanche when interpreting its ingredients. We choose to stick with the classic London dry style gin rather than cognac or brandy. Effervescent and dry as this cocktail might be, you may find yourself consuming posthaste.

• 1 oz Rieger's Gin

• 1/2 oz Simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water)

• 1/2 oz Fresh lemon juice

• 3 oz Sparkling Wine (we use prosecco)

• Lemon twist

Combine all ingredients (expect sparkling wine) in a shaker tin with ice. Vigorously shake for 6-8 seconds. Strain into a cocktail coupe or wine glass. Top your cocktail with sparkling wine and garnish with a lemon twist.

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