Rieger Cocktail Recipes

Mint Julep

The footprint of this cocktail reads similar to the classic Old Fashioned. Rich in spirit, with a touch of sweetness to round out the sharp edges. Though with the julep, it’s brought to life by a generous amount of mint; both in process and garnish. All package with crushed ice in a metal cup. Crisp, cold and refreshing to the core.

·     2 oz Rieger’s Bourbon

·     ¼ oz simple syrup

·     5-6 large mint leaves

·     GARNISH: mint bouquet

Add mint and simple syrup to a julep cup and light muddle. Be careful not to tear the mint leaves too much. Add bourbon and a handful of crushed ice. Gentle stir to get the cup frosty. Add addition ice to fill the cup and garnish with a mint bouquet.

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