Rieger Cocktail Recipes


A 2nd-century creation of the Roman Empire mulled wine was originally more of a defense against the cold than a festive celebratory holiday drink. Although our version fits the general framework, we have added in addition styles of rich fortified wine, fresh citrus, and a backbone of Midwestern Dry Gin.

1 bottle of inexpensive red wine
12 oz Rieger Gin
12 oz sweet vermouth
8 oz Pedro Ximenez  sherry
8 oz Port wine
4 oz orange juice
4 oz lemon juice
16 oz spiced syrup ***

COLD SERVE - Place mix in a punch bowl or decanter and serve over ice. Garnish with an orange slice and grated nutmeg.

HOT SERVE - Heat up slowly and do NOT let the mulled wine boil, as you will lose flavor. Leave over low heat for about 30 minutes before serving. Continue stirring occasionally. When the liquid is steaming lightly, it is ready to serve. Garnish with an orange slice and grated nutmeg. Note: Adjust ingredients and proportions to personal taste, but don’t let the sweetness overwhelm the wine’s acidity or the drink will be cloying.
Serves 10-12

16 oz water
16 oz demerara sugar
2 sticks cinnamon
5–6 whole cloves
½ tsp. ginger root, coarsely grated
½ tsp. nutmeg, coarsely grated
5 pods cardamom, cracked
Zest of half an orange or lemon

In a small pot, over medium heat, combine the water, spices, and citrus zest. When the mixture is warm, stir in the remaining ingredients. Steep for no more than 10 mins and remove solids. Store in the refrigerator for up to one week.

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